Our Program

Somers Parade Kindergarten has been operating for over 55 years.

Somers Parade Kindergarten is a safe, supportive and stimulating environment where your child will be given every opportunity to discover their full learning potential. Most importantly, we provide a caring and welcoming environment where we have lots of fun!

The children’s program provided involves Educators Pedagogical understanding of how children learn with a strong emphasis on play-based learning where children’s interests and strengths are built upon.

Our kindergarten offers an indoor/outdoor play-based learning, that’s because we believe play helps children understand their world by “playing out” what they have seen. It also helps children learn and discover in an interactive environment responsive to their needs. This gives children a chance to communicate with peers in a comfortable environment and promotes the development of life skills and competencies.

These include creativity, aesthetic awareness, self-esteem, empowerment, intrinsic motivation, curiosity, critical thinking skills, language skills, analytical skills, decision making skills, ecological awareness, cultural awareness, technological awareness, physical skills, perpetual motor skills, social skills, caring, communication skills, sustainability, musical appreciation, literacy & numeracy, cooperation and collaboration.

Bush Kinder – Exploring the Natural Environment
Somers Parade kindergartens offers a Bush Kinder Program once a week during Term 2 & Term 3, which provides a valuable natural kindergarten experience for 4-year-old kinder children enrolled at Somers Parade Kindergarten.

A bush kindergarten is a type of preschool education for children held almost exclusively outdoors. Whatever the weather, children are encouraged to take the lead in playing, exploring and learning in the bush or natural environment. We have found through this experience it not only gives the children the opportunity for this to be a physical activity but it also teaches them things like resilience, to develop confidence and to have a much better understanding of their natural environment.

Bush Kinder is a special part of a child’s total kinder experience. The G. Dendulk Reserve, next to the kindergarten is our Bush Kindergarten space it is a place/environment and location that suits our community’s and children’s specific needs. In participating in Bush Kinder we also recognise and learn about the place the bush has in Australian folklore and the significance of the land in aboriginal culture. Bush Kinder also draws upon and extends the existing philosophy and pedagogy of Somers Parade Kindergarten to offer a unique educational program.

Forest schools have been operating successfully in Northern Europe for over 50 years. Bush Kinder first started at Westgarth Kindergarten and was the first of its kind in Australia “Outdoor spaces with plants, trees, rocks, mud and water invite open-ended interactions, spontaneity, risk-taking and a connection with nature (NQS, 2010, Element 3 Physical environment)”.

This year we will be implementing a program called ELLA, Early Learning Languages Australia. Last year we applied for this program through the Education Department and were successful applicants. ELLA is a digital, play-based language learning program for preschool children. This Australian Government initiative inspires children by driving a genuine interest in anew language and culture. The language we have chosen to learn with the children is Spanish.

The program at Somers Parade Kindergarten follows the Guiding Principles and Outcomes of the Victorian Early Learning and Development Framework and The Early Years Learning Framework for Australia.



We understand families are a child’s primary educators and pride ourselves on our trusted partnerships with parents and families. We welcome input and appreciate suggestions about any aspect of our programs.