Somers Parade Kindergarten

Children love to play, explore and learn. Somers Parade allows us to work very closely with the children and families in a true Community setting. At the commencement of kindergarten, the children arrive very eager to learn, and by the end of the year, leave very independent, confident and ready for their next step in life – School. We’ve been here for Altona children for over 50 years and we’re looking forward to the next 50.

Somers Parade Kindergarten is a safe, supportive and stimulating environment where your child will be given every opportunity to discover their full learning potential. Most importantly, we provide a caring and welcoming environment where we have lots of fun!

Due to Covid-19, we are currently limiting tours. Please contact the kindergarten for more information.

Somers Parade Philosophy Statement

We at Somers Parade Kindergarten practice “Learning through Play”. Evidence supports that learning through play provides the context through which children organize and make sense of their social worlds. Play allows children to actively engage with people, objects and ideas. Play improves a child’s potential for learning later in life. It provides an opportunity for children to follow their interests and simply enjoy -‘Being’.

We value the importance of secure attachments. Children who are secure in their attachments more freely explore their environment and are able to learn with confidence. Respectful relationships foster positive social interactions and emotional stability. All these skills contribute to developing a child’s sense of ‘Belonging’. We pride ourselves on being a child safety service, where children’s health, safety, and well-being, is central to all our work practices.

Our Friendly Staff

Liz Ryan

Centre Director and Kindergarten Teacher

Jaclyn Farrugia

Kindergarten Teacher

Farah Sarwardy

Diploma Educator

Anita May

Certificate III Educator